Mr Issa Mabunde

The Dean's Message

The Deans office has the mandate to deal with the trainee’s welfare at Kapcherop Technical and Vocational College. The office offers services such as orientation to new students, consultancy, advocacy and resolution of conflicts.

The co-curricular activities are domiciled in the Dean’s office. The college activities of games and sports, clubs and societies are coordinated in this office, ensuring high level of discipline among the trainees.

There is a well-established student governing council. This organ elected annually plays a crucial role in the affairs of the trainees in the institution.

The office has established partnership with Higher Education Loans Board HELB that offers support to needy trainees.

Under performance contracting, the office oversees, the National Values and Principles of Governance Committee to meet the set targets.

May God Bless Kapcherop TVC.